The Tube Seen 'Round The World

How fun is this! We worked with the Paper Tube Co. during our rebrand and it was a dream

We knew an important part of our brand had to be bringing the fun, whimsical attitude of mixology to life, and when we saw they're tubes [and when we held their tubes for the first time] hot dang, we were sold. We wanted packaging that made our product unique while upholding the simple, light elements of our brand.

The Paper Tube Co. heard us out and got on board, and we are so happy with our packaging. It's our little baby, we are so proud of her. They wrote a little something about working with us, we hope you will check it out here.

We hope seeing this on your bar cart makes you want to take it out and mix something amazing up. Maybe a quick little Cocktail to cool you down in the summer. Maybe a little sweetness for your coffee in the morning. Possibly even a nice berry iced tea. For whatever you're mixing, we hope this packaging calls to you and invites you into greater creativity!

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