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HipStirs Craft Syrups are the missing element in your bar cart. Your friends called to tell us so...
The best thing about our syrups is that whether you're a cocktail connoisseur or a bartending beginner, they are for you.

A few of our favorite things about our syrups:
  • They are made from fresh, all-natural ingredients so you know you're getting quality
  • They are simply made and simple to use. Create three ingredient drinks or let your imagination run wild!
  • They're versatile. Yes, you can make amazing cocktails with them, but you can also make mocktails, tea, coffee and plenty more.
  • They bring people together!

Our syrups are about more than making a great drink [I mean, that's a big part, don't get us wrong]. They are made to help you cultivate community, who doesn't love sharing a cocktail with friends?

Our brand is about bringing people together. And it's already working because you are here.
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Grab your fave flave today and we can start to #mixmindfully!