Our Story
HipStirs craft cocktail syrups may look a little different these days and we're excited to finally share what we've been up to! As you may have experienced, we have been an ever-evolving brand and just like many other businesses, our focus, look and team have had to continue to change with the world around us.

What started as craft cocktail subscription boxes transitioned to local delivery cocktail kits and virtual mixology classes in Austin, TX. While COVID required us to constantly pivot to survive, it also allowed us to hone in on our craft and the goal we are honestly most hyped about–creating unique and delicious craft cocktail syrups.

Our rebrand began with a need to freshen up our look & feel to better represent our team's personality and the experience we want for our customers. We now also provide new and improved all natural flavors with more consistency and guaranteed freshness. Our customers can shop with confidence knowing how important it is for us to deliver the highest quality ingredients and standards across our brand.